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Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Precious Baby

Okay it has been a while since I added some photos of my kids and so here is my baby. I already posted the photos of my son with our cat and my middle daughter (see in a previous post) and so I figured I'd do a special photo session for our littlest one. We did this shoot in our front yard and my little princess was so happy to have on her new spring dress, my wonderful hubby assisted me with these photos (for the lighting) and she laughed, smiled, and was serious. She is my little chatty cathy and loves to babble in her lil' baby language, she says many words too. She is 15 months and a very happy baby, she plays wonderfully with her big bro and sis. She just melts my heart with those lil' cheeks and her big heart - she is wildly affectionate & very independent. She plays cars with her bro & dolls with sis, but her favorite toy is the singing vacuum cleaner (gotta train them young).

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marty said...

love me some jaedah...