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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Photo Session Of My Kiddos

Here are some photos of my kiddos taken in our front yard.   I decided to do a special "photo shoot" of them & they were too happy to get dressed up and be mommy's lil' stars of the camera.  Since they always see me on the go to photograph my clients and constantly editing other kids photos they were happy to see me make their very own slideshow (set to music thank you very much) and put their photos on my cool digital frame.


Anonymous said...

The Kids look great and I love the new website! Miss Ya! Love Ya! -Mo

Anonymous said...

Athena, you have beautiful and photogenic kids. These are great shots, especially the candid shot of them running and playing. It puts a big smile on my face as I await my own little bundle of joy. Children are truly a blessing from our Lord God. Great blogspot! -CC