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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lots of News to Share

It has been sooo long since I've been able to update my blog & I do apologize.  I have many photos to add to the site and will be working on it shortly.  A lot has occurred since my last post and so I will go ahead and update you with all of the latest news before I add some cool new shots.  After much time packing our house, we finally moved out to Wellington and are loving it!  We have finished unpacking and life is getting back to normal.  We hosted some family from California for a few weeks and so were really busy with that.  We went on vacation to Disney World.  We found out that I am pregnant...again :) our son has just started his tackle football season...not to mention I am preparing for the next homeschool year!!!  So between practices...being naucious/hungry/tired....photographing sessions...being a mom & wife...taking care of the home front...and church - I have been well...BUSY!!!

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