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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Newborn Photography in Fort Lauderdale

I photographed this fun loving couple on the beach when they were pregnant & was able to capture the true beauty and essence of that special time.  We did that photo session at sunrise when the colors of the sky were mind blowing.  Well, they have a rather unique birth experience because while they were planning to do a homebirth, God had different plans for them.  Several months before their due date (only days after their maternity photo session) they decided to take a getaway trip to visit family up North and while visiting Gigi went into labor early and they ended up having little Dylan out of state.  Since he was so little and premature (weighing only 4 lb) they had to stay there an extra 4-5 weeks before being able to come back home to Florida.  Needless to say, they contacted me on their way home to do the not-so newborn session (even though he was actually due around that time).  We had fun & tried out several creative ideas for a super successful session!

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