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Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Maternity Session ~ Lake Worth, FL

I was very excited to have my maternity photos done! The only problem was that I couldn't photograph myself and the rest of my family with my would have been to complicated!! So I decided to set up all of my photo equipment (backdrop, light stands, lights, etc.) in my home & had a good friend use my pro Nikon camera to snap away!! It was a super fun experience and it truly put me in my maternity mama's shoes and allowed me to feel just how they do when I am photographing them!  I am so used to being behind the camera that when it was my turn to be in front of it I felt so awkward! There's a good reason why us photographer's prefer to be hidden behind it!! In spite of my awkwardness I think we were able to capture some pretty awesome shots!!!  In all, I am so grateful and blessed to have these memories of our 5th & last pregnancy!!! Thank you Bethany Avila!!!

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