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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rennaissance Festival

In our homeschool group we decided that it would be fun to ask our children one question: "What is it that you would like to learn about?" After all that is why we homeschool right?!  Well I thought it was a great idea to take Isaiah to the Rennaissance Festival because he wanted to learn about Medieval Times.  So we loaded up the minivan and took a short trip down to Deerfield Beach and met with some close friends.  At the Festival Zay learned about the swords that they used during that time, got to watch a Joust (with the costumed men on horses & women dressed up on the sidelines cheering), saw a Tribal circus, he did a sword fight against buddy Zion in front of a large group of people, saw many people dressed up in the clothing that they would have worn during that time, listened to festive music, he shared a huge turkey leg with his cousin.  He bought a couple of swords and enjoyed sword fighting with his buddies most of the time and we walked around and just took the whole experience in.  In all, he learned a lot and had a ton of fun at the same time!!

Now on to the next topic of interest...Deep sea animals!!! Looks like our family vacation to Sea World in March will be a great opportunity to fully experience these amazing animals!!!  We already have a few books from the library to start reading ;-)  I love how we can make this homeschooling adventure so exciting and rich in real in experiences.  It really is fostering a love of learning in this household and I'm loving every minute of it!

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