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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First Day of Apologia Botany

The kids were super bummed out that we had to miss our Nutrition Co-op today (because Jaedah had literally vomited all night long and just to be safe and not spread around germs we all stayed home).  I figured I'd make it up to the kiddos by doing our very first science lesson with the new Apologia Botany curriculum that just arrived yesterday and have a fun nature filled day studying what we learned.  First we read the section that defines botany (the study of plants) and the two older kids sat with me on the couch while we did so, then we went over to the table and Isaiah wrote all about what we read - about botany, nature and the use of a magnifying glass in the study of botany.  Moriah copied a sentence that I wrote out for her to practice writing letters and words.  Then we went outside on this beautiful and warm day to study plants, Isaiah used the magnifying glass to look at leaves up close and personal, then drew some pictures and glued leaves and flowers on to the paper as well.  Moriah drew flowers on the chalk board, drew trees and flowers on her clipboard and then made flowers with play-doh.  In all, they had a great time learning about plants ;-)

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