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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentine's Day Photos

When it comes to photography I have no idea why my children are the most difficult kids to work with!!! No wait, I think I know why?! Because I'm their mom!!! So I guess this gives them the ability to wine and complain and stomp away (unlike the many clients I photograph each year who for the most part are very cooperative).  In any case, this does not stop me from photographing my kids often and I guess even gives me practice dealing with small children ;-)  So I decided it would be fun (or not lol) to photograph them for Valentine's Day, since my mom bought all of the girls matching dresses and even got a red matching shirt for Isaiah.  So I decided to go all out and have a friend from church make me some red matching bows and a headwrap for baby Hannah to complete the accessories for the shoot.  We went in my aunts yard and I photographed away...of course there were several meltdowns, stompoffs, potty breaks, lunch breaks, crying sessions, you name it and we probably had it...LoL!!! Isaiah even told me, "Mom, I wish you weren't a photographer."  Wow!! Despite the drama of the shoot we still came out with some lovely shots thankfully!! Remind me not to photograph them like that for a while, whewww!!!

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