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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Studio Photography - Baby Girl with Props

For this baby photography session, I photographed a beautiful 6-month-old baby named Lexi (I will also be capturing her 9 & 12 months later on this year).  Me and Lexi's mommy have been planning this session for quite some time and had brainstormed many fun ideas for shots and props.  I packed up my studio equipment (lights, stands, backdrops, etc.) and headed to her house to give her a very upbeat and personal photo session.  With clothing changes, diaper changes, lighting adjustments, backdrop swaps, prop changes and nursing breaks we pulled off an amazing photo shoot fit for a lil' princess.  Little Lexi strut her stuff on that baby catwalk and I photographed away.  Then I edited the photographs and converted many to black and white.  Check out the samples photographs below.  For more samples of my work please visit my website,  All of my work is done on-location in Palm Beach, FL.


Pricelesshands said...

I am happy and relieved that we were finally able to do this session! I must have rescheduled this about 10 times before we actually did it! It was soooooo worth it and I haven't even seen the rest of the photos yet. LOL. Athena, you have done it again--another job well done!I enjoyed the session very much and appreciated the fact that you were very patient before, during, and after the session! I would have actually stopped after prop number 3, but your energy and enthusiasm encouraged me to get as much in as possible before we called it a night! You also shared your input and helped put together the different "scenes" which helped to take most of the pressure off of mommy! :) I also appreciated the way you made sure I got the kind of shots I wanted. AND although it was not my older daughter's turn to take photos this time, I am grateful that you took the extra time to take photos of her as well so she wouldn't feel left out. That was truly sweet and thinking about it is making me a bit teary-eyed.... Anyway, I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures and I definitely can't wait for the 9 month session!

Monique said...

LOL, Baby Catwalk...gorgeous baby! Love the black and white and the cute baby rolls.