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Friday, November 12, 2010

Maternity Portraiture at Amazing Births in Boca Raton

Pregnancy is one of the most thrilling experiences that a woman can go through.  It is filled with so many new sensations, cravings, sicknesses & emotions.  The little bibs, booties and onesies are so little and cute, all of the toys and nursery furniture is so exciting to shop for.  All the while, the parent's hearts are being filled with so many hopes and dreams for this teeny tiny baby that is being weaved inside of mommy's womb.  What a precious gift from God!  I had the opportunity to photograph this lovely couple who is expecting their first baby.  The excitement is so apparent! They really opened up to me and allowed me to capture their essence and love for each other.  I had a blast working with them!!


Essie said...

Loved the pictures and the loving couple plus baby

Anonymous said...

We had a blast working with you. You make it easy to want to open up to you. Plus, the pictures are beautiful.

Athena Scott said...

Thank you!