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Friday, November 5, 2010

My Family's Portraits ~ Palm Beach Island

I have been doing everyone else's family portraits and decided it was time to do some of my own family ;-) I actually scheduled this in as a job so as not to treat it otherwise!  We got everyone dressed and ready, then headed out to Palm Beach Island.  It is usually difficult to get my own kids to behave for photos so we did a lil' bribery and promised to give them a surprise if they did everything we said and cooperated together so that I could capture some nice shots!  Well they did and we were very pleased!! We ended up taking them out to dinner at CityPlace and then ice cream after that.  They loved it!! I love photographing my kids and knowing that these memories of them being so little together will always be treasured in my heart.  I truly love what I do ;-)

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Roxanne said...

Such a Beautiful family and wonderful pictures I Love you work Thank you for sharing and I cant wait until I have my photo shoot!

Roxanne Russell