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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Relationship Photography

Prior to approaching a photo session, I always ask myself how I could capture the essence & personality of people that I might not know very well.  I know it has a lot to do with their comfort level and ability to open up under the pressure to perform in front of the camera and while some people are more natural at this then others, it is still my task to draw this out of the most shy people.

I aim to not only capture the personality of my subjects but also the relationship between multiple family members.  I would consider this to be relationship photography that aims to freeze the love in a family for a moment in time & capture it on film.  It is the loving embrace, the kiss, the sweet gaze, the laughter & real is about who they are and what they share with one another.  It is what I consider to be my particular style.  It is fun and loving and sweet! It is the challenge that I give myself prior to each session.

Relationship photography is what I do!  I love photographing pregnant couples, newborns & families for this very reason and also because it encumbers who I am.  I can relate to a pregnant new mom & her anticipation to see & hold her precious baby, I can also relate to the aches, pains and anxiety associated with the whole me, I've been there and done that four times so it is nothing new to me!  I can relate to the mom of a newborn with the lack of sleep & range of emotions, but also the ultimate and indescribable joy that comes with each precious bundle of joy!!  I know what it means to be a mom and heck I even homeschool my fabulous four, so I know exactly what goes into parenting and discipline and unconditional love.  I bring my personal experience to the table when dealing with my clients, I bring my knowledge & love for babies/children and passion for the art of photography to every single job that I am entrusted with.  I want to create memories that my clients will truly love and treasure for many many years to come!

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Anonymous said...

Viewing your photos of family and children, I can see where you capture the Love expressed by couples and families. You have captured the smiles and just the simple looks a Mom sees of thier children and you make a keepsake for them. You are doing a wonderful job, I pray your passion continues and the Lord will only increase your talent and creativity. Hope one day to be a client one day. Be blessed. PS we miss all your sweet faces.