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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Family and Baby Portraits~Lake Worth, FL

Doing family portraits of extended family members can definitely have it's advantages when photographing small children.  For one, small children (even babies) are often times more comfortable with a new situation when Grandma and Grandpa come along for the ride!  They are less likely to be shy or clingy and there are more helping hands throughout the session (whether it be for wardrobe, props or whatever).  Who needs an assistant when you have the trusty hands of Grandma and/or Grandpa to help make the baby laugh or in the case of this session to make me laugh.  We literally had a blast for the short amount of time that we were together.

Sometimes I meet new clients through referrals and don't get to meet them in person prior to the session, so I always love getting to meet them in person and seeing them for the first my mind races and swirls with photography ideas.  When I first laid eyes on this baby boy I was captivated by him and exclaimed, "wow he is gorgeous"  to his Mama.  I was so excited to photograph him.   His personality really matched his cuteness (during the session he was curious, calm, happy, and pensive), every shot of the shutter was magical and I think made the camera smile.  Some of my favorite memories from this session where when I was photographing little boy K with his Aunt and turned around to see his Mama swinging a huge branch and the entire family jumping up and down in excitement to get his attention, another moment was at the end when one of the family members busted out with some music and everyone was dancing, it was surly a great time!

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