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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Family Portraiture ~ Palm Beach County_South Florida

Wow I haven't blogged in a while! I used to be so great about staying on top of it! Lately I have been putting all of our sneak peeks on our facebook business page, check it out ~

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Ok so for this session, I photographed the G family.  This was my second time photographing them in the past 2 years.  I truly enjoy being a "family photographer" who grows with families because there is something so magical about getting to witness children growing up and changing through the years! Kids also have a tendency to get to know you and feel more comfortable around you as a photographer (if they've seen your face before) and will no longer see you as this strange person with a gigantic camera that covers your face lol.

That said, I had a fantastic time with this family. The boys have grown and matured so much since the last session.  They remembered me and were just too sweet for words.  I loved getting down on their levels and just chatting with them.  I got a chance to learn that big brother likes to play basketball, little brother is almost 3 and they both adore Chuck E. Cheese! Those were fun moments!  I seriously loved this session and the location was absolutely gorgeous!

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