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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Birthday Boy

My sweet boy is 6 today and I can't believe how fast the time went by. We had a birthday dinner and cake at our house tonight with some awesome friends and family. He is such a great boy and is excelling so much in homeschool (for those who didn't know I've ventured out on the path of homeschooling in addition to everything else). He is halfway through kindergarten and is reading well, writing well, doing addition, subtraction, telling time, phonics, learning american history, and plenty of science on plants, the solar system, dinosaurs, etc. Balancing homeschool, my photography business, home, my other two children, and my lovely hubby can sometimes be a challenge but it is SO WORTH IT!!! I loveeee being able to be home with my children during the day and having photography jobs on the weekends allows me that luxery - its sooo awesome!!!! Thank you to all of my clients! So the pictures above are of my son Zay and our beloved cat Riggy...he had been begging me to do his photo shoot for weeks (especially after seeing me photograph his sister) and insisted on doing it with the cat since they are both Feb. babies!!! I had a blast photographing them using natural light at several different angles. I then converted them to black and white to give them that artistic feel. Mind you, these were done in my livingroom and they were just sitting on the couch.

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marty said...

i love it to death..... Isaiah featuring BAK BOI!!!! howd they get o big?