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Friday, March 21, 2008

Water Lily Girls

Here is a fun photo shoot that I did last weekend of two beautiful little girls at Okeeheelee Park in West Palm Beach, FL. We ran all over the park and photographed by the lake, on the grass, near the trees, at the playground - but the most exciting photos were captured in the water fountain (they played, splashed and giggled loudly), it was very fun and upbeat. This is what I love, photographing kids just being kids and having a good time (the first photo displays this nicely). I also love close up portraits of the face. Each shot of the two girls above really sums up their personality in a nut shell. The first child was happy-go-lucky & friendly, she had a tendency to "ham" it up for me so I wanted to display this photo of her pretty smile and beautiful curls; the second child was very serious & inquistive, she wasn't very interested in taking photos but when we started having fun she came out of her shell so I choose this photo because I love her serious expression here and her eyes have so much depth in them. I hope you enjoy these samples and please give me some feedback - send a quick lil' comment.


Anonymous said...

That was very cute and unique. Keep up the good work and get some good ideas for Chloe and I for August for the garden. See you soon and God bless.

Sonya Welch

marty said...

what dear special little treats they are...


HipMama said...

I was just thinking about you today, I love your photos...miss you at co-op. hope all is well. Your photos are great!